The two year countdown to the UK’s exit from the EU has now begun. Last month, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May formally notified the European Council President of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the European Union by invoking Article 50 of the EU Treaty.

Notification means that formal exit negotiations between the UK and the EU can start. The talks will invariably be technical, difficult, prolonged and ultimately intensely political; businesses will need to closely follow the negotiations to assess their potential impact. The nature and scale of the impact on business is unprecedented and the process could affect jobs, growth and investment across every sector and every market.

FTI Consulting has established a dedicated Brexit Taskforce who has developed a handy guide to what happens next and the key issues at play:

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For more detailed background on what Article 50 means and how the two year timetable will play out, please read our briefing note:

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FTI Consulting is ideally placed to support clients affected by Brexit. We are able to provide a range of advisory services to help you deal with your Brexit challenges and manage commercial risk. For more on how we can help you navigate Brexit, click here to read our brochure, or please contact us if we can be of assistance.

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