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Manage your business freight and logistics

Any company that is exporting needs to understand Incoterms and your responsibilities. Incoterms are the international standard trade definitions used to define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods. They are fundamentally important as they are... Continue Reading →

Financing for export success

There are several differences between exporting and operating in Australia that will have an impact on your finances. Understanding all the costs associated with exporting will help you to make an informed decision on whether your business is ready to... Continue Reading →

Navigating Australia’s FTA network

Free Trade Agreements, or FTAs, are international treaties between two or more countries that reduce barriers to trade in goods and services, and investment. FTAs open up opportunities for Australian exporters and investors by improving market access. In addition to... Continue Reading →

Export Marketing and Preparing to Visit the Market

There are key constraints that you will need to consider as part of your international marketing communication strategy. Regardless of the type of communication (verbal, visual, written) your communications strategy will be affected by a mix of culture, language, education... Continue Reading →

Selecting the right international market for your business

Starting out and deciding which market is the right market for your business can seem rather daunting. You need to understand how to select the right market for your business. Marketing starts well before you enter an export market. It... Continue Reading →

Your guide to doing business in Asia

Are you ready to do business in Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about export opportunities in Jakarta? Well this is the show for you. Renowned economist Tim Harcourt hosts a new TV... Continue Reading →

Are you ready to go global?

The decision to extend sales overseas is a logical and natural progression for many businesses. The motivation to grow your business internationally can be triggered by an unsolicited request from an overseas company for a product/service, or the motivation could... Continue Reading →

The elusive quest for inclusive growth

Governments today like to declare that they are engaged in trade exercises that will result in inclusive growth. Leaders are increasingly using the term to try to counter growing concerns over globalization. Hence officials involved in crafting trade agreements are... Continue Reading →

Do you have what it takes to become an Australian Trusted Trader?

Australia’s export community has been quick to embrace the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program, launched on July 1 last year. Since the launch more than 400 applications have been received to join the program, administered by the Department of Immigration... Continue Reading →

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